Est. in 1979 by Motokatsu Hirata (Captain)

Shirayama Soccer SSS aims to encourage young boys and girls to develop a sound mind and body through a mutual love of soccer. Based in Kasugai, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, Shirayama Soccer SSS is organized and run through the cooperation of coaching staff, parents and past members.

  ■New members at any level are always welcome   

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【Who can join】 Any boys and girls aged 5 years to 12 years. Those living outside of Kasugai are also most welcome to join.

【What to wear】 Clothing suitable for sports activities, a hat, sports shoes (sneakers OK)

【What to bring】 Drink bottle (filled with water or tea), a towel

Please check the current schedule for a trial or visit on one of the practice days.

Feel free to contact us at anytime. Your inquiries are most welcome.

Development Policy

【5~6 year-olds】
Coaching focus placed on enjoyment of whole body movement; not limited only to soccer. Aim is to improve basic movement skills.
【7~10 year-olds】
Encouraging players to improve individual technical skill level while at the same time develop a team awareness. Focus also on fostering personal character.
【11~12 year-olds】
Active participation in official matches, with coaching centered on further development of a full range of skills. Focus on teamwork, with players learning cooperation and individual responsibilities.
◆Soccer juggling (lifting) tests held every July, December and March. Certificates issued for levels 1~10, and medals awarded for levels 1~3.

Monthly Fees

5~6 year-olds 1000 yen – 7~9 year-olds 2000 yen – 10~12 year-olds 3500 yen

To Parents/Guardians

Shirayama Soccer SSS is run through the invaluable support of parents and guardians. For this reason, parents/guardians are asked to cooperate on a roster system to assist with match day preparations (marking of pitch etc.), player supervision on practice and match days, transportation to match venues, assistance with various events, etc. Your understanding of this policy is appreciated.

Team Gear

【Uniform】 A team uniform to be worn in matches is loaned to players for use during the season. It is not  necessary to purchase.
【Items required】
・Soccer ball (size 4)
・Soccer shoes (with cleats recommended)








・Shin guards (must be worn in matches)
・Socks (Puma brand: Red pair without lines; white pair with blue lines. Other styles/brands cannot be worn in matches.)
・Shorts (Puma brand: Red color)
・T-shirt (with SHIRAYAMA logo)
・During winter, it is recommended to wear long-sleeve undershirts (red/white), a windbreaker (without collar), and full-length down jacket to protect from the cold.
*Please take note that players must bring both red and white socks, and shin guards on match days.

Socks, shorts and Shirayama t-shirts can be ordered from Kasugai Sports. A FAX order form is available by clicking on the link below:


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